Eco-friendly road construction is here!

Tue, 2017-01-31 11:05 -- SCC India Staff


Constructing a road looks like a job said and done! But that’s not the case because while constructing a road, dust emission is one of the elements that always trouble workers. However, a new dust control technology launched by Global Road Technology (GRT) is all set to change the way roads have been reinforced.

Last year in October, GRT India announced the availability of dust control technology—GRT5000 Dust Control Solution—in India. This technology can give a big boost to a growing economy like India with GRT promising roads of international standards, reducing the community impact through use of high-pace construction and dust control products.

How it works?
GRT5000 Dust Control Solution is a robust, liquid polymer that provides an exceptional surface coating solution on all soil and resource surfaces. Independently performed testing confirms successful suppression of up to 95 per cent of dust particles. Compared to the conventional process, GRT’s dust suppression solution offers a set of distinct advantages and lucrative benefits, including easy application and long life protection across extreme climatic conditions.

Designed specifically for the conditions of the civil and mining sectors, GRT5000 can be applied using existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers. After spraying, the dust generated from the surface is practically eliminated for up to two months. Mixed with water, GRT5000 is sprayed onto surfaces, where it soaks in and creates a stable, tough, durable layer resistant to traffic wear, wind erosion, rainfall impact, and pedestrians.

Left untreated, dust from unsealed roads, hardstands, cleared sites, and large soil or mineral stockpiles can have a considerable impact on the environment and the quality of life for local communities. GRT5000 prevents loss of materials whilst in storage or transport. For resources such as coal, the problem of dusting can be mitigated for as little as 4.5 cents per tonne, with no impact on calorific values.

Nicholas James, Executive Director, says, “GRT will work with you to devise a full dust mitigation strategy to meet the challenges facing your project or business operation.” He added: “We can also provide ongoing dust monitoring services to ensure the most cost effective protection over the life of your project.”