Eco-friendly public transport on Bhubaneswar’s radar

Wed, 2018-11-21 18:01 -- SCC India Staff


Bhubaneswar Smart City, in its constant effort to implement smart projects, has now formed a mobility plan coordination committee. The city authority has setup a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that will create a roadmap for bringing low carbon emission transport modes in the city.

The committee, which held its first meeting recently, was attended by experts in the field of sustainable urban mobility jointly coming together to design the implementation plan of greener transport means.

As per the sources, the plan is already under execution by the Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for the Smart Cities (SMART-SUT) team. The team constitutes of WRI, India, Wuppertal Institute backed by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre (BUKC).

The plan was targeted at finding multiple modes of transport that boast of a low carbon emission. Some of such options have already been employed, including the Mo-Bus, a fleet of 125 new buses offering Wi-Fi, in-bus CCTV surveillance and a dedicated app to the commuters, all at an affordable rate.

The buses are aimed to encourage the use of public transport, thus reducing the dependency of the city on motorized travel. The progressive steps taken by the authorities surely mark a smart transition towards a more integrated and cleaner mode of transportation within the city. Several others are following on these lines, including the NCR region, for which the Delhi government officials recently visited China to understand the working of the electric buses.

Once the same are deployed here, which is planned to happen by June next year, these electric buses are expected to act as a great relief from the rising air pollution within the city. To know how the other states are taking measures in this regard.