E-tolls are here!

Wed, 2015-12-30 18:00 -- SCC India Staff

Toll Plaza 

This move is taken in a bid to remove bottlenecks at toll plazas and ensure hassle-free collection of toll. At the same time, vehicles fitted with electronic tags can zoom past the toll plazas without waiting in the queue.
The Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways (MORTH) is planning to introduce e-tolling across India by March 2016. Earlier, MORTH had set a deadline of December 2015 for e-tolling.
The intention is to have a model with a single-clearing house. ICICI Bank and Axis Bank are currently enrolled for electronic toll collection (ETC) and both banks have separate clearing houses. The government may enroll more banks and set up a single-clearing house for popularising FASTag among road users.
According to sources, the Government will implement nationwide ETC based on passive radio frequency identification by March 2016. Under the proposal, there will be at least one dedicated lane in toll plazas. The ETC system offers the convenience of electronically paying toll at any toll collection point through a single prepaid account.
For this, the equipment installation has been completed at 248 fee plazas and integration with the central clearing house at 179 fee plazas.