e-rickshaws to segregate waste in Noida

Fri, 2019-08-16 10:24 -- SCC India Staff


Noida has come out with an unique solution to segregate waste. Residents of Sector 15A of Noida started segregating waste with the launch of three e-vehicles with two compartments for wet and dry waste collection from houses. The e-rickshaws, which would be maintained by RWA, were launched by Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari.

Said Anand Shukla, President, Sector 15A—RWA, “We installed a composting machine more than a year back and have been trying to get the residents to segregate waste. But we failed. Now, we have decided on a different approach where we will send these e-rickshaws to collect segregated waste from the source (households). We hope that when we have a neat looking system in place, people will also get motivated to follow the system.”

He added that along with the new vehicles, older ones will also be sent for waste collection. In the next few weeks, the RWA plans to phase out the older vehicles and stop collecting unsegregated waste from the houses.

As of now, the sector has a composting machine. Mixed waste from all houses is taken to the composting site and segregated by sanitation workers hired by the RWA. Recyclable waste is collected by local rag-pickers and the leftover is taken by the Authority. With emphasis on segregation at source, Sector 15A aims to become self-sustainable in waste management.

Once all houses start segregating waste, we will be able to turn all our wet waste to compost. Dry, recyclable waste will be taken by rag-pickers to be sold. We will only rely on the Authority to collect the remaining inert waste, which may need collection once a week,” said Shukla.

Sector 15A has nearly 800 houses with about 2,800 residents. RWA has also roped in HCL Foundation to provide training and spread awareness on segregation. RWA members said several rounds of workshops would be conducted to make people aware of waste segregation process.