Dutch tech support for Karnal Smart City!

Wed, 2018-10-17 18:07 -- SCC India Staff


The Netherlands, one of the most advanced and developed countries of the world, will provide technical guidance to Karnal (a city in Haryana) in order to transform it into a smart city.

Both the governments will be signing an MoU soon, and if things go as per the plan, the Indian city will be equipped with better facilities like modern and smart markets, better roads and underground parking spaces. In order to explore the options of developing their cities, Rajiv Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Smart City (KSCL) along with the chief executive officers of Agra and Dharamsala visited Hague and Amsterdam and discussed plans for the smart city project with the officials of various departments.

“I had an opportunity to visit The Netherlands and I am impressed with the management of parking there. The Dutch do not encourage the use of cars but prefer cycle. Around 40 per cent people use cycle as a mode of transport, while majority of the remaining people prefer public transports like tram and metro. A very few people use a car as parking is a costly affair,” said Mehta.

The two major challenges that Karnal faces is its congested markets and the non-availability of parking spaces. The Netherlands’ technical support will be assisting the Indian city to be decongested. For now, its government has plans of building three underground parking spaces, including old bus stand, old building of Karnal Municipal Corporation and the old vegetable market. Around 720 acre of land would be developed as “smart”.

KMC’s proposal of developing a heritage corridor on the pattern of Mahabharata along the western Yamuna canal with the aim of developing Karnal as a tourist hub impressed the Netherlands government.

Key challenges
Congested markets.

  • Non-availability of parking space
  • Major works on anvil
  • Planned underground parking at three spots — old bus stand, old building of KMC and old vegetable market — for better parking facility
  • Heritage corridor on the pattern of Mahabharata along the western Yamuna canal
  • A new plaza to give a new shape to the market