Development projects worth Rs 10 bn hampered in Nashik due to Covid-19 lockdown

Thu, 2020-04-09 15:40 -- SCC India Staff

Development projects

The 21-day lockdown owing to the Covid-19 outbreak has not only affected the lives of the citizens, but also impacted various developmental works (worth over Rs 10 billion) that were started by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL).

An official, who is part of both NMC and the smart city body, said these works include projects worth Rs 5.25 billion and Rs 475 initiated by the civic body and NMSCDCL, respectively.

“The projects that were started by the civic body include Rs 3.5 billion works of the public works department (PWD), Rs 1.15 billion of the sewage department, Rs 0.50 billion of the water supply department and Rs 0.10 billion works of the garden department. All these projects have been stopped due to the lockdown,” the official said.

“As part of the smart city project, the development of internal roads in gaothan areas of the city under Area Based Development (ABD), costing around Rs 2.01 billion, has been affected. Godavari beautification and river desilting projects costing around Rs 0.70 billion and Rs 0.11 billion, respectively, have also been affected due to lockdown,” he added.

The smart city body had also started installation of 800 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at select locations across the city. The Rs 167-crore project has also come to a standstill.

Other smart city projects affected due to the lockdown include setting up of mechanical gate under Holkar bridge in Godavari river (Rs 0.26 billion) and renovation of Pandit Paluskar auditorium (Rs 0.03 billion).

Projects started by NMC:

  • Road works: Rs 3 billion
  • Construction of buildings for schools, gymnasiums: Rs 0.50 billion
  • Construction of sewage lines: Rs 0.60 billion
  • Construction of new STP at Pimpalgaon Khamb: Rs 0.55 billion
  • Water supply: Rs 0.50 billion
  • Garden development: Rs 0.10 billion

Projects started by NMSCDCL:

  • Area-based development project in Gaothan areas: Rs 2.01 billion
  • CCTV project: Rs 1.67 billion
  • Godavari beautification: Rs 0.70 billion
  • Godavari desilting: Rs 0.11 billion
  • Mechanical gate at Holkar bridge: Rs 0.26 billion
  • Renovation of Pandit Paluskar auditorium: Rs 0.03 billion