Delhi: New Delhi Municipal Council

Tue, 2015-09-01 16:16 -- SCC India Staff

New delhi

Under the ‘Smart City’ plan, the New Delhi Municipal Council plans to focus on generating solar energy, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, bringing in an automated parking facility & Mobile App, providing free WiFi in areas under its jurisdiction and installing LED streetlights, 3D digital mapping for urban planning, waste-to-energy plants, installation of outdoor gyms, setting up FIFA-class football academy and a skill development training center. The civic body expects to spend around Rs 3,126 crore for the same in the next financial year.
Details of few projects are as below:

•    Replacing 18,500 street light poles with LED and installing CCTV cameras in them to monitor and check crime

•    WiFi in 2G/3G mode for all their residents; on a revenue sharing model so that no extra expenditure is incurred

•    Generate atleast 4MW of Solar Energy by optimally utilizing rooftops of government buildings; Open Tender will be floated for the same

•    Aiming for 100 per cent recycled energy sources; Garbage and junk would be recycled in an eco-friendly manner to generate energy.

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