Delhi gears up for automated driving test

Wed, 2017-11-01 16:07 -- SCC India Staff


Earlier the driving test used to be a manual process with human intervention. One had to make an “8” with their vehicle during a driving test to obtain a two-or four-wheeler license. A single inspector would determine the abilities of a driver and check for any errors during the test. The entire process was quite cumbersome. However, manual driving test will be a thing of the past. The Delhi RTO (Regional Transport Office) is likely to introduce technology-based automated tests before issuing a driver’s license by mid-2018.

The testing tracks will be equipped with CCTV cameras, along with cameras on the driver’s dashboard. Special computer hardware will also be attached to test the driver’s skill. The driving tracks are equipped with pole sensors located at equidistant points along the ‘8’ which a driving aspirant has to navigate. In addition, there are beam sensors along the track, which sense the forward and reverse movement of a vehicle in the track with precision. This system also generates computerized test results that include time taken to complete the test, number of sensors touched and the applicant’s total score.

All the data recorded is sent to the central control software, where the data is analyzed, and the results are given out based on the preset criteria. The result is then sent to the third-party application, from where it is then sent to the user. Meanwhile, the entire process is without any manual intervention, hence, one can expect increase in transparency.