Davanagere smart roads to improve walkability and mobility of residents

Thu, 2017-08-31 10:05 -- SCC India Staff

SMART ROADS Davanagere, a small city in the southern State of Karnataka with a population of around 4.34 lakh, has been well known for its textile industry. Davanagere has around 1,010 km of city roads, and many roads not in good condition. With insufficient storm water drains, incomplete water and sewerage network, insufficient street lighting, overhead utility ducting and insufficient footpaths, the roads are open to hazards. The intervention The Davanagere City Corporation has embarked on a project plan to improve the quality of its roads. Under the plan, 10 roads have been identified in the area-based development. These roads are to be taken up for implementation of the smart roads components in the first phase of project. Under this project, the City Corporation will construct underground utility corridor on both sides (electricity, data, cable and gas; sewage network, water supply lines (both sides), storm water system (both side), smart concrete road with footpath, LED street lighting, street scaping, etc. Output It seems the likely benefits of the smart roads project in Davanagere would improve walkability, safety of pedestrians and cyclists with lower rate of accidents, parking facilities, improved junction geometrics, LED streetlights will lead to energy savings and enhances public amenities including accessible vending zones. Impact The project intervention is expected to enhance economic and social life of citizens by providing: (a) better mobility and improved quality of travel, (b) increased non-motorized traffic share and (c) enhanced walkability; thereby reducing pollution levels and GHG emissions.