Council partner Cisco is betting big on India

Thu, 2016-10-13 13:04 -- SCC India Staff

Chuk Robins

Cisco is planning to manufacture a diverse product portfolio in India to support the Centre’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The company has also announced its first manufacturing facility in India at Pune. There more: Cisco is going all out to roll out its Smart City solutions for Nagpur, develop a digital learning hub at Dharavi in Mumbai and expand its Networking Academy programme.

Cisco Global CEO Chuck Robbins expects India to be a global hub for the company not just for manufacturing, but also for global product development. Robbins has told reporters that Cisco thinks of India as a “360-degree country” because it’s a great business opportunity for the company.

Robbins told a publication that India “is a tremendous source of talented employees” across Cisco’s business functions. “It is a country that has a leader who believes in the power of what technology can do for the future. And now we are going to start manufacturing here, but over time, we would love to use it as a hub to deliver products in other countries as well,” said Robbins.

The CEO said that Cisco had made its commitment to align with the country’s digital transformation agenda around 18 months back, and the decision to manufacture in India was part of this commitment.

“When we did the analysis, we found that it made great business sense to do manufacturing here. We also see the great value in having the entire lifecycle — from inception to development to manufacturing and delivering the product — all here,” said Robbins, adding that Cisco sees an entire ecosystem developing for its products in India.    

Highlighting the fact that Cisco has been in India for 21 years, Robbins said that the “big bet” of making India its second global headquarters had been a phenomenal decision for Cisco.

Robbins said that the company was doing a lot of innovations and creating products to suit the Indian market. Praising the government’s Smart City initiatives, Cisco’s CEO has also said that “we have more of these (Smart City) projects going on than any country in the world right now.”

 “It is amazing when we think about the Smart City initiatives because we have been a champion of this capability for almost a decade and it’s so rewarding for us to get to a point where the reality of the capabilities we're beginning to see come to life and to have so many opportunities in India where your leadership believes this is fundamental to the future of India,” the CEO told a publication.

For Cisco, India is one of the fastest growing markets. About 11,000 of its 73,000 people worldwide are located in this country, making India the second largest site for the company. With 20 per cent growth in its business last year, the US-based firm is actively participating in various government initiatives like Digital India, Make in India and Skill India.