Coronavirus shadow over Bhubaneswar’s smart city projects

Thu, 2020-04-30 17:49 -- SCC India Staff


With construction work coming to a grinding halt for around a month, there is a big poser on completion of a number of projects implemented by the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) in the capital. Work of five to six projects, including two multi-level car parking (MLCPs) facilities, Smart Janpath project and BMC-ICOMC building was in progress in full swing prior to lockdown. The BSCL set a target to complete three of these projects this year.

However, with Covid-19 pandemic situation yet to improve and a decision not taken as to when work on these projects will resume, completion of these projects within the fixed timeline remains a worry.

“Work on projects worth Rs 200 crore was in progress, which were badly affected post lockdown,” said an official from BSCL. He said BSCL had fixed a deadline to complete Saheed Nagar MLCP unit by June 2020 and Rajmahal MLCP unit by October 2020. However, it would be difficult to complete projects within scheduled deadline due to the present crisis.

Similarly, the revised deadline of Smart Janpath project (including OPTCL underground cabling) for which the Government had earmarked Rs 276.35 crore was fixed to November 2020. Given the present situation, the deadline is likely to be revised further, the official said.

Apart from these three projects, progress of Integrated Public Service Centre (IPSC) project at Bapuji Nagar, Rs 76 crore ICOMC tower project along Janpath that will house the new office of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, has also been affected. There are other projects, including sensory park at Saheed Nagar, which may also face further delay.