Contamination of groundwater? A bio-digester tank comes to the rescue

Thu, 2016-10-20 10:22 -- SCC India Staff


The state of Goa has adopted several measures to tackle waste. Be it garbage segregation or degradation of water, Panaji city has set an example for other cities. It has put in place a citywide system that is designed to collect household waste on different days for various waste streams. This ensures separation of garbage and importantly, a landfill-free city.

The state, with the help of the hotel industry, has come together to stop the flow of untreated wastewater into public drains and also avoid the contamination of groundwater with the help of biodegradable tanks.

In Mapusa municipal market, one of the major issues faced by the hotel and restaurant owners was the lack of a soak pit for their eateries for discharge of waste and untreated water. The untreated water, in its entirety, used to get discharged into the drains, causing a danger to groundwater.

The discharge of wastewater also choked the drains, resulting in unhygienic conditions around the restaurants. Both the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) officials and the hoteliers were aware of the situation, but no proper measures were being taken. However, three hotels — Café Corner, Hotel Shantadurga and Café Aurora — have now decided to opt for a permanent solution and have installed an eco-friendly bio-digester tank, which apart from solving the issue of sewage waste, will also set an example to the other hoteliers to take up similar projects. The state has already executed similar projects in Margao and Canacona.

The bio-digester has three tanks of 4,000-litre capacity each for the respective hotels to manage their untreated wastewater. Once the tanks are connected, micro-bacteria will be introduced which will break down and degrade the fat, oil and grease waste volumes rapidly, leading to the removal of clogs and reduction in the volume of septic sludge. The clean water will later be released into the drains.

The bio-digester is an eco-friendly technology that uses micro bacteria, which will degrade various elements of discharged waste along with untreated water, resulting in odour-free clean water, which can be reused for other purposes like watering of plants. These bio-digester tanks are designed to prevent direct currents between the tank inlet and outlet. T-pipes or baffles at inlet and outlet have submerged ends to stop currents and retain the scum. Manhole covers are provided in the top slab to permit inspection and maintenance. The top of the tank is covered with an RCC slab.