Connecting citizens with caregivers through the power of data

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Citizens are demanding more-personalized and accessible healthcare. From detecting early warning signs of ill health in individual patients to the way public areas are monitored to ensure safety and sanitation, there are many ways government administrations can improve public health in their city.

The most highly adopted application of smart city technology in public healthcare is remote patient monitoring, with 88 per cent of leader cities deploying solutions in this area. From a funding sustainability perspective, it represents an average RoI increase of 4.3 per cent across all cities, rising to 6.5 per cent in leader cities. Other popular and successful initiatives within smart cities are first aid alerts, environmental air-quality monitoring, and data-based public health interventions.

How effectively authorities can bring these benefits to their city will depend on their ability to connect people and data. For a country as vast and populous as India, it is crucial to leverage technology that can scale, translate data into actionable insights, while at the same time balancing local issues such as affordability. Many Indian public healthcare agencies are beginning to see the potential of technology in improving productivity of state health departments and state-run hospitals and institutions. They are working toward transforming the future of healthcare by innovating and delivering high-quality patient care. Moreover, it allows for deeper penetration into the underserved towns and villages across the nation where access to quality healthcare can be a challenge.

For patients and their supporting ecosystem, Oracle’s Citizen Services solution provides an easy and secure interface for them to access information and connect with each other. Oracle’s Citizen Services cloud solution encompasses the interactions between citizens and businesses and their governments – at the local, regional, and national levels. This interface is the “front door” of good governance and public sector innovation, and it has the scope to deliver omnichannel citizen experiences. That makes it easier for citizens and businesses to make service requests and provides real-time visibility into the status of their requests.

Based on the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) platform – including service, social, mobile, and marketing – the citizen services cloud solution can improve data integration across agency departments. It incorporates advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain, enabling cities to deliver rich digital services that can be cost-effectively delivered and maintained.

Providing support networks for the vulnerable
For citizens who rely on government welfare and benefits assistance in their daily lives, technology can help providers improve the way these programs are managed and delivered.

The Oracle Case Management solution supports end-to-end process flows – including complex financial requirements – and increases transparency and data utilization between the required agencies and departments, enabling greater efficiencies through automation.

By streamlining the interactions between applicants, assessors, and the third-party service providers who support government programs, administration can make it easier for those requiring help to get the assistance they need.

Connecting caregivers with cases
Greater sharing of data between government and municipal agencies enables wider collaboration and improved levels of service for citizens. Take child welfare as an example: caseworkers can access disparate information from a range of records and sources. Accessible from mobile devices, they can upload information remotely during visits, and cloud analytics helps them make more-informed decisions, improving outcomes for families.

Cities of the future need impactful, long-term investments along with the right expertise. Superficial, short-term fixes will no longer suffice. This requires a deeper, broader approach to technology – one that fuels innovation and provides scalability to address future demands.

As cities begin this journey, they need to address how best to incorporate their existing physical infrastructure and digital investments. With that in mind, Oracle helps cities leverage high volumes of data – combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform existing platforms into automated and mobile-friendly citizen services. Oracle can help cities of the future meet their foundational and technology needs to better engage citizens.

- By Debapriya Nandan, Senior Director & Head – Public Sector, Oracle India

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