Citizens in Tier II and III cities can now enhance livelihoods (with new-age machine learning)

Fri, 2018-10-05 12:40 -- SCC India Staff

Machine Learning

India is a young country, with the highest youth population in the world. And in this rapidly ageing society, being economically productive and fixing the skill gaps is the need of the hour.

Nevertheless, this gap majorly affects the marginalised or the backward communities, especially women. “Even after our education, we are not able to achieve anything,” asserts Savari Parveen as she reflects on the common state of women in Metiabruz, West Bengal. However, in Tier II and Tier III, citizens like Savari, can finally turn their dreams into reality because of Anudip Foundation. In order to enhance their livelihoods and to polish their marketable, new-age skills, the foundation aims to provide the youth in smaller towns with productive jobs.

Founded by the husband-wife duo Dipak Basu and Radha Ramaswami Basu in 2007, Anudip Foundation promotes the learning of new-age roles like identifying images for machine learning algorithms and video analysis, which is used for a variety of applications from Major League Baseball Analytics to helping develop driverless car technology. Skills like these which are not found in India’s education system are now being learned by the youth and all thanks to Anudip Foundation.

With Accenture collaborating with Anudip Foundation for promoting skill disadvantaged youth in underserved communities, the foundation has been able to impact more than 47,000 candidates.