Cisco SON to empower Vodafone

Mon, 2016-02-08 11:56 -- SCC India Staff


An ever increasing number of urban population using mobile phones and other communication devices calls for an innovation that doesn’t just prevent congestion of networks but also readies these cities for the future of communication. In one such initiative, Cisco launched SON to improve the overall user experience and boost the communication capabilities of cities.

Cisco SON Suite, a leading multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) self-optimizing network (SON) solution, is a powerful platform and a set of applications that automates the Radio Access Network (RAN). It helps you dramatically boost performance, harmonize the multiple technologies that comprise your RAN, and maximize the capabilities of your existing infrastructure. As a mobile operator, you're experiencing escalating demands and fierce competition. Mobile data consumption is surging and usage patterns are ever more erratic. It only takes a handful of subscribers using bandwidth-hungry services to push cell towers to congestion.

As you scramble to boost capacity and deliver a superior subscriber experience, you need to be able to quickly roll out new sites and technologies. This adds complexity to your network. Today's networks are becoming mixed environments with everything from macrocells, small cells, and femtocells to Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS), Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), and Wi-Fi technologies. Manual network optimization that runs in cycles of days and weeks cannot keep pace with rapid changes and increasing complexity. The result of a sluggish response to demand is degraded quality of service, unhappy customers, and eventually, revenue loss. To stay competitive, you need a way to automatically manage your complex network from a single point, without extra equipment and with a way to monitor and maximize key performance indicators (KPIs).

We do speak of smart city initiatives and many of those are definitely routed to us through are smart phones. Hence Smart Phones act as our enablers to achieve and receive more. Hence ramping up the infrastructure, which is the medium to the means, makes for a better investment. Vodafone India has already deployed SON over a third of its network. The telecoms will continue the SON investment till the entire network is SON-enabled. Vodafone India expects SON to deliver a differentiated customer experience, optimizing its sites and streamlining the process of adding new sites to its growing network.

Following are some of the benefits of SON:
Improve voice call quality and reduce dropped call rates
Higher data speed and better accessibility
Lower network congestion through superior load balancing
Better network service during mass events (planned or unexpected) when many people use their mobile devices at the same time
Quicker automatic site deployment, resulting in much fewer service disruptions
Reduced operational costs through automation of many of the engineering intensive tasks associated with running the network

Cisco’s SON is expected to boost performance and maximise infrastructure, and in turn, also lead to a better customer experience of speedy, uninterrupted connectivity. 

Source:Telecom lead