Cisco to e-literate women in Rajasthan

Wed, 2017-02-22 11:15 -- SCC India Staff

India requires about 3,70,000 new teachers to meet the growing demand for primary education and about 3 million by 2030. However, the Indian education system has been taking baby steps towards achieving this dream. With the advent of virtual classrooms, the country is all set to change the conventional education system into a digitally-advanced one.

That said, recently Council’s lead partner—Cisco—and the Government of Rajasthan have signed a memorandum of understanding to roll-out digital classrooms in women colleges. The MoU also includes to expand Jaipur lighthouse programme to include smart water for water management.

As per the statement, Cisco, in association with the Government, will have a target to make one woman e-literate in every household. To do this, Cisco has announced video-enabled digital classrooms in women’s college that will cover 10,000 women students over one year, both in rural and urban areas in the State.

“The digital classrooms will facilitate training and development of IT skills for women and enable them for the digital era as well as build the State’s pool of highly skilled technology professionals,” said a statement from Cisco.

It is believed that the digital classrooms in women’s college will expand employment options to help advance their careers and be a training ground for the next generation of women leaders. Here, Cisco has already collaborated with the State Institute of Education Management And Training (SIEMAT) and has deployed virtual classrooms across 12 institutes in Rajasthan to provide 50,000 person hours of training through digital classrooms. The Digital Classroom solutions through SIEMAT, the Cisco Networking Academy courses in 25 government ITIs and networking of ITIs in the Divisional Headquarters and Anta.