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Cisco to develop 'Golden Mile' in Vijayawada

Submitted by scc india staff on October 5, 2015

The Andhra Pradesh government, has taken a significant step, by letting Cisco implement 'Proof of Concept' of its smart city model on the MG Road at Vijayawada.

For the records, Vijayawada is not part of the three cities shortlisted from the state. Vishakappatnam, Tirupati and Kakinada are the three cities shortlisted in the list 98 smart cities.

However, the Municipal Administration & the Urban Development (MA&UD) Department has incorporated this project named 'Golden Mile Project Vijayawada.'

According to a news report in The Hindu, the tie-up is the culmination of a series of discussions that the Information Technology & Communications and MA&UD Departments has had with a Cisco team from Bangalore.

Cisco, who is our lead partner, will also be the lead partner in this project and will be supported by e-Centric Solutions, a group company of Paradigm IT.

The total cost of the project is pegged around Rs 7.91 crore, out of which Cisco will contribute Rs 3.81 crore in the form of materials and expertise. The balance amount will be chipped in by the government and the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC).

Cisco had, in line with its commitment to collaborate with the Government of India in realising its vision of a Digital India, announced the 'Cisco Smart City' as a blueprint for future smart and connected communities, in Bangalore late last year.

Using the Internet of Things, Cisco had showcased how connected education, healthcare, smart buildings, connected transport and smart parking can transform the way cities and communities are designed, built and renewed to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Golden Mile Project is likely to set the tone for similar projects in the state.

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