Chennai to procure smart water meters

Mon, 2015-10-12 10:58 -- SCC India Staff

The Chennai Metro Water plans to install smart meters to bulk consumers of water, which could provide details about their monthly consumption.

The move is aimed to check water theft, leakage and consumption in the city.  The civic water body has been evaluating the feasibility of smart meters and a study was conducted by organisations, including UK-based Kamstrup.

According to a news report, the total cost of the smart meter including installation would be around Rs 15,000.

Kamstrup's general sales manager for India, Upendra Borate was quoted as saying that the meters would cut down on water theft and would provide information on the exact usage. An in-build software in the smart meters would provide the water usage reading directly to the consumer as well as to the corporation.

The Chennai Metro Water, as of now, has ruled out use of smart meters for domestic purpose; they would look to install 30,000 smart meters to hotels and other commercial installation.

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