Chennai gets smart toilets!

Thu, 2015-07-09 10:56 -- SCC India Staff

To promote better public health and sanitation, the Corporation of Chennai has begun installing 348 fully automated toilets across the city. These toilets are being installed in Royapuram, Medavakkam, Anna Nagar and Purusawalkam areas.

These fully-automated toilets are a mix of electronically operated bio-toilets as well as toilets meant for women. Earlier there was a failure of installed modular toilets, because they lay unused with no water and sewage connection.

A senior corporation official told that they are building these toilets in specific spots, which are otherwise infamous for rampant open defecation. He added, “We have manufactured more than 100 toilets and out of these 60 are functional with water, sewer and electricity connections. All the 348 toilets will be functional from July.”

Chennai has a more than 900 public toilets, inadequate for its 65 lakh population. These new toilets may come as a dignified intervention, particularly the she-toilets that offer sanitary napkin-vending machines and incinerators.