Chandigarh to roll out 30,000 “smart” meters

Thu, 2018-10-25 15:43 -- SCC India Staff

smart meter

The Smart Grid project has finally been started by the UT Electricity Department, Chandigarh; wherein its first phase, it will replace the old meters by installing 30,000 smart meters in four sectors (29, 31, 47 and 48), six villages (Faida, Ram Darbar, Hallo Majra, Raipur Kalan, Makhan Majra and Daria), and industrial area.

In order to carry out the work within four to six months, the department has hired Analogics for Rs 280 million, informs MP Singh, Superintending Engineer. To monitor all the consumers, a control room will be build in Sector 18 by the department. The control room will receive an instant alert in case of tripping of the main line. The smart meters ensures to reduce the tampering problem to zero as it will not only be beneficial to the department but also to the consumers, confirms an UT official. The smart system aims to assist the electricity department in measuring the load, voltage, outage, peak-hour demand and consumption across the city. Besides, it will also aid the consumers to track their power consumption online and manage it.

According to UT’s smart grid detailed project report (DPR), which was approved by the National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM), the Centre has agreed to bear 30 per cent of the cost. However, a technical committee has cleared the project already. Post the DPR’s approval, the UT electricity department has started working on smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure, preparing data centre, disaster recovery centre, GIS mapping, metering billing collection software, substation automation system (SAS) and integration of rooftop solar energy plants through net-metering and distribution transformer monitoring unit.