Chandigarh adopts intelligent transport system to promote public transportation

Mon, 2017-09-18 10:43 -- SCC India Staff


In a major step forward in the initiative taken by the Government of India under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) and Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) to promote bus-based public transportation in the country, Chandigarh will be implementing an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a part of Efficient and Sustainable City Bus Services (ESCBS) system.

With an originally set project timeline of 26 months, the ESCBS project is set to follow some of the best examples of ITS employed around the world, aiming to enable efficient management of public transport in the city and achieve traffic efficiency, reduction in travel time while enhancing the safety and comfort of the users. The project includes installation of GPS devices in the buses, which would help to track each of the vehicles in operation across the city.

A 24x7 Central Control Station (CCS) would be monitoring the movement of buses and provide real-time information on bus arrival and departure times to commuters on their mobile phones and through Internet. This would help in saving much of the commuters’ time, which gets wasted while waiting at the bus depot. The city bus stand would also undergo a makeover with installation of screens displaying bus arrival time.

Additionally, the project would also introduce a Fare Collection System (FCS) consisting of Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs) with smart Card reading capability and development of a Transit Management System to enable improved planning and scheduling of bus operations and crew management.