Building roads out of plastic waste! (Mumbai & Navi Mumbai are doing it)

Fri, 2017-12-15 11:40 -- SCC India Staff

Road tarring with plastic

The menace of plastic waste is a grave concern for everyone. In fact, plastic waste has choked rivers, drains and drainage tanks. Due to the decomposition of plastic bags, the environment is largely depleted. There are more than 300-400 tons of plastic bags and various types of plastic found in the waste everyday. It can be recycled, however, this ratio is minimal. Due to large scale plastic waste going from the residential areas to the dumping ground, there is a delay in decomposition of plastic waste. In fact, on many instances, the main reason for fire at any dumping is due to plastic waste.

On this backdrop, experts [even 100 years back] have advised the corporation to use plastics for road construction. Considering this, the municipal corporations of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai have [finally] started using plastics for a better purpose. These two municipal corporations are using plastic to construct roads, and they have managed to taste a good success so far. According to an official, the quality of these roads constructed using plastic is also excellent.

Meanwhile, the municipal corporation of Mumbai has made road construction on the pilot basis in Dadar and Worli areas. The experiment of using plastic on the roads of Agache Path and Worli in Dadar, and in some areas of Vengurla and Navi Mumbai in Konkan has been successful.

How it works

  • The plastic is cut into pieces and recycled
  • Grains are made out of recycled plastic
  • These grains are mixed in 160 degree Celsius of bitumen
  • Plastic granules, bitumen and road material are mixed for making the road
  • This road can last a long time
  • There is no increase in the cost