Bhubaneswar Smart City races ahead by appointing two consultants

Thu, 2016-09-29 11:41 -- SCC India Staff

Smart City

Bhubaneswar Smart City is speeding up its procedure to be ahead in the Smart City Mission race, which kicked off in January this year. The city was the first one to form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), and it has now become the first to appoint two programme management consultants (PMCs) to fulfil its Smart City dream.

The SPV —  Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) — has appointed Egis India and IBI Consultancy as PMCs. Egis India will provide consultancy for infrastructure-related projects under the Bhubaneswar Smart City proposal; IBI Consultancy India Pvt Ltd will work for a ‘smart solutions’ vertical. The former has signed a pact with the Odisha government for area-based development projects, whereas the latter has signed a pact for smart solutions.

The PMC is the main infrastructure and engineering consultant for the projects to be implemented in the Bhubaneswar Town Centre District (BTCD). The scope of the consultancy includes concept to commissioning of most infrastructure-related projects under the Bhubaneswar Smart City proposal. Egis will be deploying French experts in the urban infrastructure sector in the initial period of the planning and designing of the projects.

IBI Consultancy India Pvt Ltd, the subsidiary of Canada-based firm IBI, is the consultant for the information technology and smart technology related projects including city Wi-Fi, intelligent city operations and command centre, traffic management, parking management, incident management system, citizen connect initiatives and transit operations, etc.

With the signing of the contracts for the programme management consultants, a major milestone has been achieved by BSCL. The detailed designing of the projects under the Smart City proposal will be undertaken by these PMCs and it is expected that in the coming months, the tendering process for the projects will be initiated.

The plan
The Smart City proposal will have two elements: an area-based proposal for the development of BTCD and a pan-city proposal for an Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre (ICOMC). The BTCD will take care of retrofitting and developing 985 acres of the main railway station in the heart of the city into a vibrant 24x7 destination. ICOMC will provide a digital platform for integrating multiple city sub-systems of traffic management, parking, bus operations, common fare card, emergency response, and city incident management, along with seamless integration of BTCD’s utility operation requirements.

The total project cost of the Smart City proposal is around Rs 4,537 crore, where Rs 4,095 crore has been kept aside for BTCD and Rs 442 crore for ICOMC. It is expected that the SPV will consider 56 projects under area-based development and one project under the pan-city solution.

When it comes to sourcing of funds, it will be raised from the Smart City Mission Fund (Rs 950 crore), convergence plan with state and Central schemes (Rs 525 crore), public-private partnerships (Rs 2,563 crore), city infrastructure development funds (Rs 184 crore), public private community partnership (Rs 30 crore), commercial borrowings (Rs 30 crore), and a loan programme from the Asian Development Bank (Rs 210 crore).