Bhubaneswar, Rourkela call for more medical facilities

Mon, 2015-09-28 12:20 -- SCC India Staff

Bhubaneswar, the administrative, economic and cultural capital of  Odisha, is one of the two cities shortlisted from the state for the 100 Smart Cities  nation-wide challenge. The city is an emerging information technology (IT) hub with a strong investment-ready climate.

Dutybound to create a Smart City proposal, the state government and the urban city planners have undertaken various initiatieves tp collate public feedback and suggestions. It has initiated a citywide process to create a new vision that is inclusive and reflects the needs and dreams of all its  citizens.

The official website of SmartCityBhubaneswar jots down the key nine focus areas as - Smart Governance, envoirnment, education, health, lifestyle, energy and IT & Communication.

AIIMS Bhubaneswar

Some of the key initiatives planned under the smart governance include - dividing the bhubanesway Municipal Corporation into three zones for faster execution of tasks, smart housing for poor, mechanished sweeping machines, online government portal and pre-paid auto service among others.

Citizens viewpoint

The discussion forum for SmartCity bhunaeswar on has so far (28 September, 2015) have received 70 submissions. The last date for submission in this forum is 30 September, 2015.

A summarised review of these submissions highlight the need for smart eco-logical balance in the built-up enviornment, with need for basic animeties like -water, electricity and waste management. The cry, however, seems on decongesting road, improving road connectivity, making public transport for viable and reducing the pollution level.

Another key focus area seems to - need for proper healthcare facilities, with more health units including 24*7 hospitals.

Women safety and  is another major area of focus according to the feedback recived so far, while being an emerging IT hub, availing free wi-fi acess, and providing technology based solutions to its citizens are also in the list of expectations.

Rourkela City

Rourkela City, the steel city in  Odisha, is the second city in the government's '100 Smart Cities Challenge'. Rourkela Municipal Corporation through the median has sought residents ideas, suggestions, vision and innovative solutions to transform Rourkela into SMART City. The forum has received 35 suggestions so far, and the last date for submitting ideas is 31 October, 2015.

Need for 24*7 water, electricity supply seem to top the list of requirement by the citizens who have submitted their ideas and suggestions in the online forum so far. The next two highlights are more medical facitilies, women safety, proper parking and free wi_fi access.

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