Bhopal’s multipurpose smart poles to save energy and monitor air quality

Tue, 2017-08-01 11:19 -- SCC India Staff

smart poles

Bhopal, a vibrant economic centre of Madhya Pradesh, has launched many innovative smart solutions. The city recently has launched its first innovative public private partnership (PPP)-based smart poles and intelligent streetlights project under the Smart Cities Mission. The project is innovatively structured in such a manner that it delivers bundled smart services to citizens and gives maximum values for money to the city authority.

The two major components of this project are smart poles and intelligent streetlights. In smart poles, the city will install around 400 poles, which will offer multiple services to the city residents. Some of the integral parts of the smart pole are:

  • Energy efficient and remotely controllable LED streetlights
  • Surveillance cameras for safety and parking violation detection
  • Environmental sensors to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity
  • WiFi hotspot services for the city
  • Electric vehicle charging points to promote use of electric vehicles in the city
  • Mobile-based application with functionality of SoS
  • Optical fibre for better bandwidth to WiFi users, providing backhaul to telecom operators
  • Smart pole has telecom tower infrastructure to match with city aesthetic and ready to accommodate upcoming technology as 4G and 5G.

In the case of intelligent street lighting, around 20,000 LED streetlights are installed by replacing the conventional sodium and mercury lamps. Main features of intelligent street lighting system include:

  • Increased life of LED lights
  • Intelligent, programmable street light system for efficient power management
  • Remote operation and control of streetlight system
  • Report of operating (green sign) and non-operating (red sign) luminaries
  • Power theft control detection
  • SMS to maintenance field staff in event of faults
  • Workforce cost saving
  • Automatic report generation for day/month/year