Bhopal to turn buses into modern classrooms!

Wed, 2019-03-20 18:35 -- SCC India Staff


To impact as many school students as possible with education support, improve student retention rate in schools by strengthening education systems, and to provide user-friendly mobile community development centre as a learning space, the Bhopal Smart City Development Cooperation (BCLL) has drawn a plan to refurbish the old public transport buses of Bhopal City Link (BCL) as modern classrooms.

The project aims at refurbishing old BCLL buses as modern classrooms to provide classrooms at doorstep. It envisages, the refurbished, child-friendly and universally accessible buses that will act as a support to education for the slum habitants.

The mobile computer-enabled buses would be utilized to cater to the education needs of slum areas, during the day hours (8 am to 5 pm). The buses will provide basic primary and secondary education, IT skills, and access to latest skill development courses, and certification to the students.

The target population lacks access to basic primary and secondary education, information technology skills, and other advanced skill development courses. The project proposes to bring education to the slum communities using the Enabler (bus), Services (classroom infrastructure) and System/Processes (slum communities) approach. In the designed pilot phase, 15 buses, each with capacity of 35 students, are proposed to cater to more than 500 students in slums of Bhopal.

The project has incorporated awareness courses related to health issues, gender biases, education, sanitation, environment etc. The classroom infrastructure such as computers, projectors and other accessories will be solar powered inverters. The project will incorporate all the design principles to ensure that the bus infrastructure is universally accessible.

The project conceptualization has incorporated many innovative components such as, converting existing old buses to classrooms, using renewable energy for powering the mobile classrooms and labs, space utilization for community development and awareness generation activities, mobile library, the project has proposed diverse learning and training programs to be undertaken, such as computers, graphics, and animation.

The project envisions to partner with various skill-development bodies in public, private and non-government sector. The project envisions to partner with CSR programs for employment opportunities.