Bhopal to develop an app for stranded residents due to Covid-19

Fri, 2020-04-03 13:05 -- SCC India Staff

Bhopal to develop

The Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) will provide e-passes to those residents who are stranded outside. The BSCDCL is developing an app so that the residents may apply on it to get the e-passes. The company has said that the residents of the state should contact them if they wish to return.

Similarly, the company has also assured the labourers working in their site, who are from other places, return to their native states. BSCDCL CEO Deepak Singh said that the 12 labourers who are working at the Sadar Manzil site where the heritage conservation work is underway, will be sent to their home town in Jaipur at Rajasthan.

The BSCDCL is preparing the passes on the order of the Principle Secretary of the department of urban administration. Principle Secretary Sanjay Dubey has said that the app should be developed for the residents so that they may apply on it and seek the permission to enter the State. The applicant will get the e-pass on the mobile itself.