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Bengaluru to host 'Hackathon' to solve its traffic woes

Submitted by scc india staff on September 9, 2015

The National Association of Softwarem and Services Companies (NASSCOM) 10,000 Startups in association with the Bengaluru City Police, EMBARQ India (to provide necessary data on transport), HackerEarth and IBM will be co-hosting India's first-ever smart city hackathon called the 'The Urban Hack' on October 3rd & 4th, aimed at improving transportation, crime prevention and public safety through the use of technology.

Hackers in general are perceived a threat to the economic and social world, as these IT geeks are someone who seek and exploit weakness in our computer systems or network. Hackers seek motivation from various reasons, from challenging one's intelligence, to profit from, protest, just for fun or to evaluate and assist in removing hurdles or weakness in particular programme or concept.

In little less than a month from now, probably Hackers from around the world will put their skill at work to come up with solutions to Bengaluru solve some of their most critical problems in day-to-day life.

According to a news report in DNA India, citing World Resources Institute as the source for data, Bengaluru city has a vehicle for every two people leading to severe traffic congestions. To compound the woes, about 3.5 lakh vehicles are added annually which amounts to 1,000 vehicles per day. The number of vehicles on the road has doubled in the last 10 years (24 lakh in 2005 to over 55 lakh in 2015) while the BMTC (local) bus fleet - which takes up less than a per cent of road space but carries 40 per cent of the people has increased only by 1.4 times in the same period.

The study stated that Traffic congestions alone costs Bengaluru about 5 per cent of its economic output.

'The Urban Hack' is being organized with an aim to use disruptive technology in order to reduce city's cloud based technologies and mentors for further guidance. The winners will get to work closely with the Bengaluru city police to pilot the applications.

Apart from this, the participants will get an opportunity to showcase their applications before seed investors and prominent Venture Capitalists and win an opportunity to qualify for the NASSCOM 10,000 program.


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