Barcoded plastic bags used for collecting biomedical waste exempted from plastic ban

Fri, 2020-06-05 10:50 -- SCC India Staff

Barcoded plastic bags

The Kerala Government has exempted the barcoded plastic bags used for collecting biomedical waste from the plastic ban imposed in the State from Jan 1, 2020. This follows a representation by the Indian medical association (IMA) to the government explaining the difficulty faced by medical sector in collecting biomedical waste (BMW) in compostable bags.

The order issued by the environment department additional secretary said that due to the peculiar nature of hospital waste, the collection and disposal of this waste in compostable material is not feasible.

Hence, they have been allowed to use the BMW management colour-coded bags for collecting medical waste as they have been doing earlier. IMA directly supplies these barcoded colour bags and it is accounted for till these bags reach the treatment stage at the BMW facility.

The order said the exemption from the purview of the ban is only for the BMW management colour-coded bags used specifically to collect biomedical waste. The bags should carry image logo/barcode for identification. Image should make sure that such bags reach the treating stage and in the event of any such bags found on road sides.