Bangladesh to adopt Indore’s radio frequency based smart meter model

Fri, 2020-01-24 11:43 -- SCC India Staff

smart meter

Indore has become the first city in the country to have 1 lakh smart electric meters in residential and commercial buildings. So far, 97,000 smart electric meters have been installed in the city. Soon, Bangladesh will adopt Indore’s radio frequency based smart meter project. This information was given by a delegation of Bangladesh energy department, which visited city from Dhaka to see the smart meter set-up recently. Dhaka Power Distribution Limited Company managing director Bikesh Diwan and DGM Kamrul led the delegation. The delegation saw the smart meter control room and  point presentation on how technology works at headquarters of Madhya Pradesh Western Region Power Distribution Company (west discom). They also saw smart meters installed in the houses behind 15th Battalion.

West discom managing director Vikas Narwal told Bangladesh delegation the success story of Indore’s smart meter project, which helped the company in checking malpractices. Narwal said the industries, agriculture and domestic feeders of west discom are separate.

Diwan said the smart meter project of Indore is “very well implemented” and successfully operated. “We would like to adopt the project,” he told Narwal who in turn assured of supporting Dhaka. Narwal said Dhaka company can also send their engineers and linemen for training to Indore if they wish it.