Aurangabad consultant invites citizens' view on smart city

Thu, 2015-10-01 16:41 -- SCC India Staff


Aurangabad one of the ten cities shortlisted from Maharashtra state for the Centre's amibition '100 Smart Cities' mission, has appointed Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for preparation of its Smart City proposal.

In order to get maximum feedback, the PMC has urged the citizens to give suggestions to make the city smart. While giving presentation on the project in the standing committee meeting, the PMC representatives said they are looking forward for more than one lakh suggestions from the citizens.

According to a Times of India news report, Ajay Bhori, senior architect of PMC was quoted as saying "We will encourage participation of the people of all sections of society. Besides political leaders, social workers, general public and industrialists, we will also encourage school-going kids and senior citizens to come up with their views on the project."

Besides organising seminars and presentations on the project, PMC will also conduct essay and drawing competition to feel the pulse of the students. "These are effective channels to understand the views of the students on their concept of smart city. Hence, we will organise such events across the city," the representative said.

The PMC is looking at various innovative channels to generate revenue to enable the authorities realise the dream project, the report added.

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