Aurangabad to be under CCTV by October 31

Tue, 2015-09-01 12:16 -- SCC India Staff


Aurangabad Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar informed that a marathon meeting with the technical evaluation committee and civic staffers was held with an aim to commission 50 CCTV cameras at 30 crucial locations in the city by October 31.
The task, costing Rs 2 crore, will be undertaken as part of Phase-I of the Safe City project and the bidder has already been identified.
Kumar added, "The master control room will be at the Aurangabad Police Commissionorate. The main challenge is to commission the CCTV cameras by deadline. The city police is keen on getting it done ahead of time as it will not only help in curb street crime but also increase vigilance.”

Source: Times of India