Andhra to monitor solid waste management in real time (to get chip-based garbage collection)

Tue, 2018-02-13 15:18 -- SCC India Staff

RFID Garbage

Andhra Pradesh has taken impressive measures to ensure effective management of solid wastes. It was difficult to accurately assess the volume of solid waste. But this problem will no longer be an issue. Taking advanced technology to the door-step of the common, the Andhra Pradesh has decided to switch over to chip-based garbage collection mode. Solid waste management will be monitored real-time once all households in the urban civic bodies are brought under technology-driven governance.

According to the blueprint prepared by the municipal administration department, all households will be tagged with RFID (radio frequency identification) chip to the central server in the command control room to be set up in the municipal corporation.The chip inserted in the tag will read the garbage data while being collected by the sanitation staff from the households.

The chip will simply read the quantum of dry garbage and wet garbage being pooled from each household and send information to the command control room. Health wings of the respective municipal bodies would allocate separate unique ID numbers to each house before starting the process. Small areas in the colonies would be tagged to micro-pockets to assess the total quantum of garbage being collected from each point.The assessment of quantum of garbage would help senior officials in deputing sufficient number of workers to a particular area and complete the job early.