Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs may be trying to build a smart city

Wed, 2016-04-27 10:34 -- SCC India Staff

The company is reportedly in talks with experts in the field to build a digital city in the US.

According to news reports, an Alphabet-funded tech company is attempting to setup a smart city in the US to develop technology to tackle urban issues.

According to The Information, Sidewalk Labs, funded by Google parent company Alphabet, may soon be inviting bids from various countries and US states for a possible "digital city" construction project. Company chief Daniel Doctoroff is reportedly talking to Alphabet CEO Larry Page in the coming weeks about a green light for Project Sidewalk. The company is also simultaneously hosting discussion with experts in technology and urban development to flesh out the details.

Aside from a host of other possible technology the company could test within the city, is the idea to build a city more suited to autonomous vehicles. Other ides include cheap, high-speed internet for all residents,facilities to support hybrid cars and smartphone apps to integrate city infrastructure.

Source: dna