All you need to know about Mumbai Metro’s smart cards

Fri, 2019-04-05 11:23 -- SCC India Staff


The Mumbai Metro, run by Reliance has partnered with several private and public banks that offer their regular commuters with the Mumbai Metro smart card which incorporates dual purposes. Each of these banks has various benefits to offer the users, which includes cashback and loyalty points. Among the banks that have collaborated with Reliance Mumbai Metro is State Bank of India, Federal Banks and ICICI bank.

State Bank of India
SBI Metro smart card can be used for both the metro as well as purchases made at various retail stores, at an annual fee of Rs 499. SBI card has a preloaded value of Rs 50. An individual can then recharge according to their needs. Moreover, SBI offers reward points of 2000, on purchases made over Rs 2,000 within the first 60 days.

There is an automated top-up system available when the card balance reaches Rs 50. Further, one can avail 10 reward points per Rs 100 spent on auto top up.

Federal Bank
In collaboration with TMW Fintech, Federal Bank has launched two in one metro smart cards for commuters of the Mumbai Metro. A payment of Rs 50 is to be made to avail the card. Out of which, Rs 30 will be credited into the smart card. The card can be utilized as both the trip pass or stored value card, according to the consumer's requirement. A minimum of Rs 100 and a maximum of Rs 3,000 can be stored in the smart card. Moreover, this card can also be used in various retail stores.

ICICI offers a variety of smart metro cards, both debit and credit variants. The debit variants also include the coral and platinum versions, the latter offering auto recharge when the card balance falls to Rs 50, 20% discount on travel in the Mumbai metro and redeemable rewards. In the case of its credit card, ICICI bank gives the commuters the benefit of auto recharge, 12.5% discount on travel and 4 payback points every auto recharge.