Ahmedabad public toilets go smart!

Fri, 2020-02-21 14:50 -- SCC India Staff

Smart Toilet

Say goodbye to unkempt and unhygienic public toilets. As part of Smart Toilet initiative under the Smart City project, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has installed new-age public toilets at Nehrunagar, Kankaria, Prahladnagar and Jodhpur crossroads. The number of Smart Toilets will soon reach 20.

The toilets will operate automatically after the user inserts a coin to open it. A key feature of the toilet is that it auto-flushes after use. What's more, the entire toilet gets washed with water after the user exits it. An indicator outside will show whether it is being used or not.

Talking about the project, AMC Deputy Commissioner (Smart City), “Cleanliness and hygiene will be main features of these toilets. With rapid expansion of the city, we will go for greater technology affiliation to satisfy basic needs of citizens. It will operate automatically which will ensure cleanliness for every user. There will be two units, one each for males and females, at select locations. Couple of toilets are already operational while four more will come up on the S G Highway. We will gradually increase the number of toilets to 20 as and when we identify spots.”

Users can insert Re 1, Rs 5, Rs 2 or Rs 10 coin and use the toilet for 20 minutes. There will be no fixed cost for using it. All it will need is insertion of a coin.

In case, the automatic flush does not operate then the manual flush can be used. Toilets will also house exhaust fans to clear foul air and dustbins to dispose trash. Lights will turn on automatically inside the toilet once a coin is inserted. As hygiene and cleanliness are the main features, there will be washbasin, mirror and hand wash liquid available in each toilet.