Ahmedabad leads the race in top 10 smart cities of India

Tue, 2019-09-10 10:59 -- SCC India Staff


A list of the smartest 10 cities in India was created after a recent assessment by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The list placed Ahmedabad on the first position, followed Nagpur, Ranchi, Bhopal, Tiruppur, Surat and Vishakhapatnam, at third to seventh position, Kanpur on eighth, and Vadodara and Vellore at ninth and tenth respectively.

Kanpur has made quite some progress since the last survey, which happened only last year, where the city did not make the “Top 10” cut. Kanpur got the lead with its integrated traffic management systems, open gyms in six parks around the city, AstroTurf at Green Park as well as four modern garbage transfer systems.

According to reports, Kanpur has been quick to complete several projects under the smart city initiative and new projects worth Rs 900 crore have also been taken up by Kanpur Smart City Limited.

Along with the Smart City Project, if Kanpur could also take care of its air and the increasing pollution levels, residents would finally be able to see their city progressing!