Aajivika: One-stop solution for all household woes

Wed, 2018-02-21 10:03 -- SCC India Staff
With Aajivika, choose from a range of home services you need. Launched by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) in July 2017, Aajivika mobile application is a one-stop solution for citizens’ service needs.
Since the day it was launched, Aajivika mobile application has grown manifold with a number of service providers and the list of services offered. Currently, over 3,000 service providers (people mostly from socially disadvantaged groups who have been trained by the AMC under their Urban Livelihood Program) are registered on the mobile application.
Said Dr Yogesh Maitrak, Director of Urban Community Development, AMC: “Our client list includes government officers and corporate people. The application has a list of service providers ranging from chartered accountant to house maids. It is an application that easily connects service providers with seekers.”
He said the service providers are from “slum pockets”. The initiative is meant to bring about change in social behavior “as most of the people question the quality of the services provided by the people from poorer sections of the society,” according to Maitrak. “Electricians, driver, plumbers and housemaids are most in demand. We have service providers in all pockets of the city," he said, adding that they have quite a few regular customers already.
Besides offering regular services, Aajivika also has details of tattoo artists, disk jockeys, photographers, music and dance tutors, content writers, fitness trainers, etc. One can even find a driver for a one-day trip.