2.9 MW of rooftop solar projects up for grabs in Raipur Smart City

Fri, 2020-09-18 15:43 -- SCC India Staff

2.9 MW of rooftop solar

The Nava Raipur Atal Nagar Smart City Corporation Limited (NRANSCCL) has invited bids for the installation of 2.9 MW of rooftop solar projects at various locations under the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model. Besides the design, engineering, installation, testing, and commissioning of the solar systems, the contract will also include operation and maintenance (O&M) for 10 years.

As per the tender document, the time allowed for the execution of work has been fixed as six months. Interested bidders will have to submit an amount of Rs 1.35 million (approximately $18,393) as the earnest money deposit (EMD).

To take part in the bidding process, the bidder should have completed one similar project of 2 MW capacity or two similar works of 1.5 MW capacity each during the last five years.

Regarding the financial criteria, the average annual gross turnover of the bidder should be Rs 134.8 million (approximately $1.84 million) in any three financial years out of the last four. The module capacity of the modules to be used in the solar project should be at least 360 W, and the efficiency should be 18 per cent or more. The maximum system voltage should be 1500 V.

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