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Lessons for Clean-up Ganga from Springfield


Domestic waste accounts for 80 per cent of pollutants in Ganga, which sweeps into the river through various sources. The Springfield city, in US, recently added an enhanced high-rate treatment (EHRT) facility featuring the world's largest compressible media filtration (CMF) system to treat the water quality in Mad River. Read to know the details of the project.

Consultation on Smart Cities


Challenges with the Indian Urbanization Scenario - Urbanization in India is rapid and propels social and environmental challenges. Cities are characterized by strained infrastructure which manifests itself in terms of power cuts and water shortages, high cost of living, and unaffordable real estate resulting in urban sprawl and slums, high volume of traffic resulting in pollution and delays.

Nation of Smart Cities An Industry Discussion White Paper


India has recently committed to the development and construction of 100 Smart Cities to meet the demands of its rapidly growing and urbanizing population. This effort will include construction of new municipalities and renovation of existing cities as the rural population shifts into urban areas.