Water and wastewater

Lessons for Clean-up Ganga from Springfield


Domestic waste accounts for 80 per cent of pollutants in Ganga, which sweeps into the river through various sources. The Springfield city, in US, recently added an enhanced high-rate treatment (EHRT) facility featuring the world's largest compressible media filtration (CMF) system to treat the water quality in Mad River. Read to know the details of the project.

‘There are islands of excellence in this lake of frustration’


Pratap Padode, Founder Director, Smart Cities Council India expressed his strong optimism in the Smart Cities concept, while laying aside scepticism by recalling ancient Indian architecture. He also spoke about the various initiatives taken by select corporate and civic bodies across the country that cultivate a culture of smart innovations.

New report predicts murky future for global water quality


Worrisome as the drought that's parched regions around the world is, a new global study from Veolia and the International Food Policy Research Institute finds rapidly deteriorating water quality will affect far more people and put the planet at large at risk. Learn about sustainable solutions available to cities.