Why GE won a $2.6B locomotive deal with India’s railway company


India’s railroad is the backbone of the country’s inland transportation system for both passengers and freight, and it’s growing steadily to meet the demands of larger cities and an increasing population. GE was selected to provide Indian Railways with 1,000 diesel locomotives and the manufacturing facilities needed to build them as part of the country’s rail modernization effort. Read the story for details.

Mumbai, Delhi to be disabled-friendly by 2020


The government aims to make 50-100 administrative buildings disabled-friendly in selected seven states under the 'Accessible India' campaign in a year's time. The campaign will also aim to convert other facilities like airports, railways stations and 25 per cent of the public transport into fully accessible carriers in the coming years.

Tirupati set to be on international map


One of the most popular pilgrimage destination in India, also known as the 'City of God' - Tirupati is soon likely to be easily accessible for pilgrims from neighbouring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Read to find out the detailed specs of soon to be inaugurated airport, which is constructed for Rs 174 crore in 26 months.