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Farmers install solar dryers in pursuit of generating additional revenues


India’s ranking in terms of food security is not on par with its status of being one of the biggest producers of vegetables. According to a research, India produces 220 million tons of vegetables and fruits in a year but only 30 per cent of the production never reaches the table. The main reason for this waste is a lack of storage infrastructure, particularly at harvest-time.

See how Surat efficiently use ITMS and increase bus frequency


Surat, being the centre of opportunities for laborers and investors, has attracted migrants from nearby rural areas and cities. This has increasing the demand for intra-city transportation. In the year 2006, Surat Municipal Corporation’s (SMC) limits were increased from 112.28 sq km to 326.515 sq km.

India’s tallest MET tower to predict better energy output with reliable data collection


Commissioning India’s tallest MET tower is not an easy task. India recently erected its tallest lattice MET tower that stretches 150 metre (m) high and features an array of latest technologies, including 40C anemometers, 200P wind vanes, 110S temperature sensors, a BP20 barometric pressure sensor, and a SymphoniePRO data logger with iPackGPS for bankable, secure and reliable data collection.

Detect air pollution with low cost nano-sensors


A team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has developed a highly sensitive low-cost nanosensor to detect carbon monoxide levels, a step forward in environmental pollution monitoring. These nanosensors can be even synced with a smartphone or a small device at every traffic signal, which can transmit the data through Bluetooth.

Smarter govt schools! (Teachkits to help create engaging classroom environment)


Providing quality education to more than a million government schools has resulted in the government struggling to offer quality and holistic education to every child. Evidently, according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) 2014 report, the world will require 25 million teachers by 2030, and India alone will require 6 million more teachers by 2030.