NGA Experts Roundtable on Creating a "Smart State Initiative"

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This event is open by invitation only to leaders of smart state initiatives and industry representatives, including several Smart Cities Council Partners.

The National Governors Association (NGA), in collaboration with the Smart Cities Council and the state of Illinois, is hosting a roundtable to inform the development of a nation-wide “Smart States” initiative. 

 Building upon successful “Smart Cities” efforts in the U.S. and abroad, NGA is seeking to launch a new effort to help states identify how they can use information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance economic development, sustainability, resilience, and quality of life across urban, suburban and rural communities while improving the operational efficiency of state government.  The NGA is partnering in this effort with the state of Illinois, a first-mover in smart states work, and the Smart Cities Council, an association of leading companies that has advised cities and states globally. 

 This roundtable will gather experts from state, local and federal government, the private sector, academia and research organizations to provide guiding observations and input to help the NGA craft this new initiative.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Washington , DC
United States
District Of Columbia US
Participation Type: 
City Associations (where cities congregate)
City influencers (politicians, professionals, NGOs)
City Operational Staff (Heads of Departments)
City Political Leaders (Elected Leaders)
City Senior Staff (Senior Prof Staff)
Audience - Other: 
State level leadership
Readiness Workshop
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