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Swacchh public toilets? Smart hygiene monitor could soon make it reality


When was the last time you stopped during a road trip and did not cringe at the thought of having to use public toilets? Finding public toilets in India is a challenge in itself, and finding clean ones a near impossibility. When one analyses the reasons, very often it may be seen that the real cause behind unsanitary conditions in these places is a systematic cleaning schedule and proper supervision and monitoring of the quality and regularity of cleaning.

A remote Chhattisgarh village goes 100% cashless with no network


A remote village in Palnar, Chhattisgarh is beating all odds to transform from a “no network zone” to a digitally-strong village. With no sign of ATMs and a bank to the distance of 48 km, the district collector of Dantewada, Saurabh Kumar came out with a brilliant idea to make this village digitally equipped.

Navi Mumbai: Most constructions coming up are illegal, CIDCO issues warning to buyers


CIDCO is warning the public against investing in illegal constructions coming up in Navi Mumbai airport area. Work on the Navi Mumbai airport is on, but so is work around the area, most of it illegal.
As the new airport inches towards becoming a reality, construction activities are mushrooming in and around the notified area, with most of them not having adhered to the mandatory NAINA compliance - gaothan plots are being developed without permission.

Cities Must Invest In Video Surveillance For Safer Cities: Experts


There needs to be an emphasis on installing right surveillance standards and industry best practices for effective surveillance that ensures safety and peace of mind for citizens. As the cities will grow smarter and more futuristic, IT, especially the Video surveillance will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of the cities in future, industry experts in the Smart Cities ecosystem feels.

SCC and WD discussed the role of surveillance for safer and smarter cities


Emplacing the manifesto for cooperation between authorities, civil bodies and technology providers, the Smart Cities Council India (SCC) and Western Digital recently held a round table conference session on “ Role of Video Surveillance Systems in making cities safer ” which brought alive the current state of surveillance security in India, the challenges and sustainable solutions to help urban planners understand the framework of a smart city and take steps to improve infrastructure.

Smart Cities Council and Western Digital lead the dialog on the need of surveillance


Western Digital co-hosted a Roundtable Conference on “Technology Modernization for Safer and Smarter Cities” with Smart Cities Council in Mumbai. The conference primarily aimed at discussing initiatives to fuel the growth of surveillance security in India, the challenges faced, and methods to address them.

Now queue-less journey for metro rail travelers in Mumbai


Mumbai’s first metro rail project—Metro One—have many first to exhibit. After deploying India’s first real-time metro rail monitoring system, it has launched mobile ticketing system “OnGo” for swift movement of passengers at the AFC gates by just using their mobile phones. Meanwhile, the system is at an advance stage of testing and will turn into a reality in mid-August, 2017.