Vapi takes just 5 days to resolve complaints (other cities can take a cue)


Every organisation is likely to deal with complaints, and those complaints can take many forms. Complaint handling requires respect, promptness and objectiveness from the acknowledgment all the way to resolution. Vapi Nagarpalika, with the help of Council’s associate partner Responscity, has successfully implemented a complaint management system, which keeps the complainant in loop during all the stages.

Developed by Responscity, the system voices the citizens’ grievances effectively and also helps in increasing paid services revenue. The system has received a lot of positive response from the users. In fact, through Responscity’s complaint management module, Vapi received around 6,515 complaints (from September 2015 to August 2016), which shows the increasing faith of citizens on the new system. A testimony to this was in the year 2015, when it took 16 days for Vapi Nagarpalika to resolve a complaint. However, after implementation of complaint management system, the response time has dropped down to mere five days.

With Responscity’s complaint management module, citizens can complain directly to the city government with just few clicks on their phones, email, chat, website or even the mobile app. The complaint will be then redirected to the concerned departmental officer. An extensive back office system will monitor the complaint, and it will be transferred to a higher authority if the complaint is unattended. With the help of this system, citizens can even track their complaint and give feedback about the resolution process, and if unresolved, they can even reopen the complaint.

This system also includes an on-duty module (also called Officer’s App), wherein the on-field officers work at making the city clean and healthy. When an officer finds an area around a shop unclean, he/she can fine the owner of the shop for uncleanliness. It also provides officers with a to-do list, which they can view it on their smart phones and manage their day-to-day tasks accordingly.

Benefits of the system

  • Multiple modes to file a complaint – phones, email, chat, website and the mobile app
  • Interactive user interface
  • Reports directed to concerned officers
  • Extensive range of reports
  • No paperwork
  • Strong back office system
  • Cloud-based system that can be customised as per your requirements in minutes.
  • Free monthly system updates