Vapi opts for digital house identification (Other cities can learn too)


The increase in urban migration in India demands smarter way of governance. The city of Vapi in Gujarat is gearing up for its future, employing solutions to connect people and increase transparency and efficiency of the urban infrastructure. The Vapi Nagar Palika, in cooperation with Council’s partner Responscity, has deployed Digital House Identification (DHI), which has integrated various government services into one wholistic ecosystem. This requires usage of advanced technology and the power of IoT (Internet of Things) to streamline the current redundant logistics in place for address recognition, citizen engagement, complaint management and waste management with the Vapi Nagar Palika.

How DHI works
The DHI platform deploys DHI tags installed at house or office or building properties that can later be used conveniently to recognise and update the Responscity cloud-based servers depending upon the application. The installation scope includes physical identification of each property, capturing its GPS co-ordinates and installing laser-inscribed NFC or RFID tags. Responscity’s software can later draw or push required data to field officers on the field, making it more sophisticated, accountable and practical system for the government to use in everyday tasks.

Key features of DHI

  • Waste management with DHI: A complete tracking system for door-to-door waste collection with key features of scheduling the pickups, data driven alerts, location-based attendance and reports that aids the city government in vital decision making.
  • Smart address with DHI: A unique smart address system designed to overcome the challenges of existing address system. Easycity code is an open platform, which can be used by various government agencies.
  • Disaster management with DHI: With interdepartmental connectivity like fire, police and hospitals, Responcity’s disaster management software aims to help government to take quick action in times of disaster.
  • Complaint management with DHI: An intelligent system, which helps resolve citizen’s grievances effectively. It also helps in increasing paid services revenue. A system to create a win-win situation for both citizens and the government.
  • Citizen connect: An advanced communication system that helps the city government to connect with its citizens in more than one ways. A great tool to timely broadcast important information to citizens which helps in building trust and goodwill.