Supreme Court goes paperless! (next in line are High Courts)


Going paperless is the way to go. It’s no secret that the Government is serious about going digital. Slowly and steadily, India is on its way to become a digital nation. The Supreme Court has deployed Integrated Case Management Information System (ICMIS) on the Supreme Court website, which marks the introduction of digital filing – a huge step towards going paperless.

The Supreme Court intends to install ICMIS in all the 24 high courts after it is introduced in the Supreme Court. Similarly, ICMIS is also likely to be deployed in the lower courts across the country. With the introduction of a new system, every bit of the filing process would be monitored and a litigant will file one case in his lifetime in a dispute from the trial court to the Supreme Court.

According to the Chief Justice of India, this process will ensure a transparent system, which cannot be breached. “After installing the system, all the necessary documents will be maintained properly and cannot be manipulated. The digitised process will replace the pleadings,” added the Chief Justice.

The system would be different from the present e-filing process as lawyers will be required to file only the grounds of appeal in the apex court and the remaining judicial files would be automatically transferred.

In a way, this system will be the resource of database, which currently exists. In such a case, if litigants are filing an appeal in the Supreme Court from a case in the High Court, all they need to mention is the case number.

The new digitised system would ensure that the litigants come to know the exact cost of filing, besides the date of filing the appeals in the Supreme Court, and nobody would be able to “manipulate” records initially filed.