Now, monitor fire protection system with IoT (Goa did it!)


Monitoring of fire entire state’s fire protection system is a daunting task; however, a tiny state in the western part of India has been well prepared for any safety challenges.  

Here, the state fire and emergency service has developed an emergency monitoring system along with a statistical and analytical mapping programme called as "Safe Goa 24x7".

The programme is an emergency monitoring system (EMS) has been developed using IoT-based platform (Internet of Things) and by integrating IT applications and digitization. The EMS will help monitor the health of the fire protection system, which includes fire-detection, alarm and firefighting system. These will be monitored in real time and facilitate immediate dispatch of appropriate resources, thus saving on time lost in different rounds of response.

Industries, hospitals, hotels, banks, high-rise buildings, etc. which have fire-protection systems will be urged to connect with this system. Fire and emergency services also intend to integrate the EMS with the smart city plan.

EMS will also optimize the use of manpower needed for periodical fire safety audit and limiting it to physical inspection, and thereafter online monitoring of the functional efficacy of the fire protection system.

Fire and emergency services will also be collaborating with Goa University's department of Earth Science to utilize their expertise in statistical and time service analysis. This project would aim at developing two important analytics knowledge tools: hot spot mapping of recorded fire incidents, and creating a new fire hazard index to help identify locations that have higher exposure to fire-causing factors.

This data/analytics based approach increases public safety from fire because it helps to understand, assess and measure fire incidence and its patterns leading to cost effective solutions.