Now, finding address becomes easy with eLoc


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could say, “Come to, KYYJTG.” Instead of, “436, Block Bd, Sector 1, Bidhan Nagar, West Bengal. From the yellow building come straight and take a right when you see… ” Indian organisations and citizens are challenged with the inconsistencies of our address systems. This leads to frustration, wastage of time and resources in serving customers and citizens in both urban and rural India. Therefore, for any business, government or an individual to operate successfully, the identification of an address is critical.

The country has an address system that identifies houses, building, places, businesses, government offices, etc., but very few parts of our country have a formal address. And to add to this, with varied dialects, languages, culture and other differences across India, the situation becomes mind-boggling – each individual reads and interprets an address differently.

What is required is a simple, standardised and precise pan-India digital address system. eLoc is India’s first national digital address system for every address across India. It identifies a place, building, business, apartment, etc., and can be linked to various attributes (like floor, door number, etc.) as per the requirement as well as with Aadhaar. This overcomes the complexity and hassles of providing multi-line, often misspelled addresses across both formal and informal address systems. What Aadhaar has done for the individual(s) identification, this system will do for the addresses.

What is it?
eLoc is of six character code, an unique identifier that precisely locates any address. The Government has already generated more than two crore eLocs and the number is growing everyday. These eLocs cover both urban and rural India and are ready-to-use.

eLoc converts any address into simple six easy-to-remember characters (Eg. MMI000). As a user, one can gain freedom from having to remember, type, tell or search for long, complex Indian addresses and confusing naming systems. Sharing the location or map of any place, door-to-door navigation, doorstep delivery, taxi pick-up and drop, governance and administration down to property level is now easier and more powerful with India’s first nationwide digital address system.

Another game changing feature of eLoc is that it is precise to the doorstep or entry point. A user can see any place accurately on the map, reach its doorstep without getting lost or needing to ask for direction in the last mile and get more information about the place, including reviews, neighbourhood amenities, photos, etc.

While other businesses with higher inaccuracy let you down at the last minute leading to excessive wastage of time and resources, eLoc, on the other hand, will take you to the exact doorstep making you more efficient, smarter and happier.

Ready-to-use and free
In line with its mission to make India better using maps and location technologies, MapmyIndia has taken the decision to make eLoc free for its current ready-to-use two crore and counting eLocs. The eLocs cover more places (properties, flats, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads, etc.) across urban and rural India than any other public or private provider.

To enjoy the immense benefits of eLoc, use MapmyIndia’s app, partner with eLoc and integrate MapmyIndia’s APIs.

The Power of eLoc for Business eLoc provides unprecedented input into decision-making because each eLoc unlocks hundreds of attributes specific to an exact address. Each eLoc is a repository of rich location data that acts as a gateway for the most powerful location intelligence available in India. This provides hitherto unparalleled access to actionable intelligence and inputs into decision support systems for smarter businesses. eLoc is a critical input for decision support systems for businesses of any scale.

This enables businesses to:
1. Provide quicker response times to customer requests;
2. Location based targeting;
3. Improve ease of reachability/ Doorstep delivery, etc. – eLoc makes sure to take you to the entry points of the place, building, house-number, etc. It is a game-changing step when it comes to last mile delivery and its implications are huge in terms of money and time saving.
4. Smarter analytics.